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Spring Edition | Grøenk Beer Club

Our beer tasting event in Velence on 19th April 2024.

Date: 19th April 2024 from 7pm

Venue: Grøenk Deli Velence

Spring is here....

The classic beer season is upon us, and every decent brewery in the country and abroad is preparing for it with no little effort, so we're going to tear them all apart!

And so, for the patio season, we're:

- with the Ugar batches that have been released since the last club - basic and special brews from domestic breweries that have NEVER been tasted - and of course with foreign delicacies

Let's open the terrace!

Fresh cask-conditioned Fake Pils and boxed batches will also be available.

Come on, it'll be fun as always!

Get your tickets by buying them online in our secured payment gate.

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