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The Best Burger Restaurant in 2023

Best Burger Restaurant award at Innovation & Excellence 2023!

Groenk Deli has been named the winner of the Best Burger Restaurant category at the 2023 Innovation & Excellence Awards!

Every day for two and a half years, we work hard to make sure that the experience, the food, the flavours, the atmosphere, the welcome are perfect and that you feel at home.

For almost three years Balázs has been experimenting with food, thinking and testing how to make our burgers even more perfect, even more harmonious. Here are the results!

We're already recognised as one of the best burger bistros in the country, but we never dreamed we'd be mentioned internationally, and with an award like this! Persistent hard work really does pay off.

And here's the email we received:

“We have now made the decisions on the companies and individuals that should be selected as winners in this year’s Innovation & Excellence Awards 2023 programme and I had some good news. You were considered in the category Burger Restaurant of the Year. Having reviewed information on all of those shortlisted, I am pleased to confirm you have been picked as the 2023 winner, congratulations. During the awards process we invited over 90,000 businesses and corporate professionals, magazine contributors and our subscribers to nominate companies & individuals based on factors such as quality of service, innovation, experience, sustainability, and other areas. Additionally, our research team has put forward a selection of firms which they felt are deserving of recognition”. Jake Powers

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